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Stage of Dilantin Cerebellar Atrophy

Developing Stages of Cerebellar Atrophy

Three developing stages of cerebellar atrophy: 

Initial stage. 

At the initial stage of cerebellar atrophy, the patients may have the following symptoms:

1. Dizziness while walking

2. Inflexibility of movements, difficulty lifting objects and loss of smoothness of movements

3. Incoordination of the legs in climbing stairs, stiffness of muscles, inability of exactly accomplishing certain movements, such as jogging, climbing mountains, etc

4. Swinging of the body at standing position

5. Difficulty of moving the eyes and inability of rapidly moving the directions

6. Difficulty of judging distance, such as unable to hit the table tennis

Middle stage, symptoms of which including the follows:

1. Aggravated heaviness and incoordination of four limbs and muscles, and loss of coordination

2. Inability to control body postures and gait; swinging of body postures, inability maintaining balance, inability jogging, difficulty climbing stairs, etc

3. Slurring of speech, difficulty writing, drinking or eating, choking

Advanced stage, symptoms of which including the follows:

1. Unclearness or loss of speech; written words hard to be understood or distinguished, swallowing difficulty

2. Inability standing up or sitting; staying on bed and unable to look after oneself

3. Impairment of intelligence