Phenytoin-Dilantin induced cerebellar atrophy.

Dilantin can accumulate causing Cerebellar Atrophy. 

Cerebellar volumes were found to be significantly reduced in epilepsy patients taking Dilantin. Phenytoin - Dilantin is a commonly prescribed anticonvulsant drug; however, there is evidence that long-term administration is related cerebellaratrophy.Dilantin caused cerebellar atrophy

Causes Cerebellar Atrophy

Life and Death of a Neuron

This brochure, in the Brain Basics series, is an introduction to neurons, the brain's information messengers.

It discusses neurogenesis (the birth of neurons), neuron migration to the place in the brain where they will do their work, differentiation into different types of cells, and the death of neurons in healthy brains and in disease.