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Cerebellar Cortical caused by Dilantin

Cerebellar Cortical causes and symptoms may be linked to Dilantin.

What happens when the cerebellar cortex is damaged depends on the location of the damage.

Science. 1988 Jul 8;241(4862):170-6. Specification of cerebral cortical areas. Rakic P1.

Abstract: How the immense population of neurons that constitute the human cerebral neocortex is generated from progenitors lining the cerebral ventricle and then distributed to appropriate layers of distinctive cytoarchitectonic areas can be explained by the radial unit hypothesis.

According to this hypothesis, the ependymal layer of the embryonic cerebral ventricle consists of proliferative units that provide a proto-map of prospective cytoarchitectonic areas. The output of the proliferative units is translated via glial guides to the expanding cortex in the form of ontogenetic columns, whose final number for each area can be modified through interaction with afferent input...

Dilantin can accumulate in the cerebral cortex over long periods of time which may cause Headaches; Behavioral or personality changes; Dizziness, Damage, and injury.


Journal of Neurosurgery

October 1999 / Vol. 91 / No. 4 / Pages 588-592
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Side effects and mortality associated with use of phenytoin for early posttraumatic seizure prophylaxis


Object. The goals of this study were to determine if the use of phenytoin to prevent early posttraumatic seizures following head injury was associated with significant adverse side effects and also to determine if the reduction in early posttraumatic seizures after phenytoin administration was associated with a change in mortality rates in head-injured patients.